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Last Modified July 20, 2010

My latest Project... 1969 L71 Corvette


See Misc 72 Pics Here.


June 2010...Spoiler Bodywork and paint

The St Louis Auto Show, January 27th 2010



Car Shows from 2009

Car Show Pics on Easter Sunday in Forest Park 2009.... my car was not judged that day.

Hooters Corvette Show 04/26/2009 ....winner! Best C3 car

Valley of the Flowers in Florissant, MO car show 05/02/2009....winner! Best Modified Corvette

North County Technical High School 05/09/2009 ....winner! Best car 1971 - 1980

Hooters Corvette Show 06/07/2009 ....winner! Best C3 car

Vettes Restaurant & Bar All Corvette Show 06/14/2009 ....winner! Best C3 car

another Hooters Corvette Show win on 06/21/2009 ....winner! Best C3 car.. sorry no pics, i forgot my camera.

Win at Show-Me's in O'fallon, Mo. 06/28/2009 ....winner! Best C3 car.. pics posted soon.

07/12/2009 Lincoln county fair parade ... I was the Queen's Transportation.

St. Louis Veterans Day Parade Downtown St. Louis Nov7th 2009.

St Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade Nov 26th


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