Time to rebuild the car for the next season of shows and parades.

Things to accomplish are

- Bodywork and new paint.
- New interior
- New front Rack and Pinion Steering system
- rewire the engine bay
- New carpet
- New Graphics
- and other small odds and ends things that need to be done.





January 16th 2011


February 7th 2011


February 27th 2011... bodywork has started......Al Spalding autobody has arrived.


March 20th 2011 - Final bodywork and wetsanding car for paint.


March 21st 2011


April 3rd 2011


04/05/2001 it coming together.... All new wiring.

April 8th 2011


April 10th 2011

The engine is showing some signs of "WIERDNESS", I have torn the engine down on the passenger side to investigate. The engine runs great... but it runs hot on one side.

This is good enough for going to car shows but not in the long run. look out for bigger, better, and faster things to come. :)